Tuesday, August 6, 2013

A child's perspective on the house

Frannie said to me the other day, "Mom, I hope we never move."
"Because our house is so cozy!"
"Our house is cozy? Really? Which room is your favorite?
"Your room."
"My room? (I was really surprised to hear this.) Why?"
"Because it is just so cozy!"

I really thought she'd say her room or the living room or basically any place that she plays the most or reads the most.

But her favorite room is our room. And her response reminded me of this post from Leila at Like Mother, Like Daughter http://ourmothersdaughters.blogspot.com/2010/03/reasonably-clean-house-did-you-guess.html

She writes, " Your home has many areas that express family life, but your bedroom expresses the foundational relationship between you and your spouse -- the inner sanctum where the sacrament of your marriage is consecrated and continually renewed with the conjugal gift.

If it weren't for the intimate aspect of your commitment, your family would not be. ...Once you make it a priority to keep your bedroom reasonably neat, clean, and tidy, you will notice that besides gaining your husband's gratitude, your children respect it more as they grow older.

Do you see how that contributes, however humbly, to their understanding of the preciousness of marriage and the home -- and the reverence that both you and your husband have for your relationship? Do you see how this lesson, an unspoken one, will carry its message to a new generation? Who knew that you were expressing so much by cleaning a room?"


Shannon said...

I just got to sit and catch up with the last 2 months of your blogs. Can't comment on each, but enjoyed 'catching up'! :)

Jamie said...

Yeah I sort of gave it up for a long while. I'm pretty sure you're my only reader so thanks for checking in!! I'll have to go check out your Pipkin Adventures!