Friday, August 2, 2013

Answers: 212, 122, 3 1/2, 7?8?9?10?

1. How many squats did Francesca do yesterday?
2. How many did you (mom) do?
3. How many hours did Natalie "nap" today?
4. Number of days since your children last received a bath?

1. Why did she do this?
2. Why did you do this?
3. Why is this a big deal?
4. Why are you not bathing your children?

1. Because she's competitive- although I didn't quite realize how much!
2. Because I'm competitive too and Jason has been having squat competitions at work. I thought I could do between 60-100.
3. Because she's been a major grumpy-pants stinker for 2 days. I'm the only one in this house who's allowed to act like she's on her period.
4. Because they've had swim lessons every day for 2 weeks.

1. Is she sore?
2. Are you sore?
3. Is Natalie being nicer?
4. Will you ever bathe the children?

Sub-sub Answers
1. Yes. Now she is. Took 24 hours to creep up on her. (Ben-Gay to the rescue!)
2. Yes. I wish I lived in a one-story.
3. Actually yes. She cleaned up the living room nicely. I'm glad she's feeling better.
4. Actually yes. They finally got shampoo/conditioner/ears-face-feet-booty scrubbed tonight. Francesca even got a coconut oil treatment in her hair. She says she smells like popcorn.

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