Wednesday, April 23, 2008

The Housefairy

In case you are not yet acquainted, you can introduce yourself to the housefairy by clicking this link.

Now beware! It looks super-lame, but Francesca loves it and yes it does motivate her. When I first saw the website I thought "Oh, come on" but there my daughter was soaking in every second of it asking to watch the same demo videos time and time again. She even likes the song!! The dorkiest song in the whole world! And she asks me to sing it! Oy.

So I bit today and sent the housefairy my $13 (see more money spending!) to get the program.

There are more videos Frannie can watch on all sorts of topics from cleaning her room to table manners and playing nicely.

The real reason I am going to go full-force with this housefairy thing is because it really truly has motivated her to want to clean up her bedroom. She thinks the housefairy could come at any minute. And she's excited. So rather than me having to drag an ox through mud, it's like the ox is skipping across the ravine in a ballet tu tu.

So in about two days I'll have my housefairy package and some official fairy dust and we'll have a special visitor for Frannie coming soon! Oh boy!

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