Friday, July 18, 2008

Baby Adam

I guess when your first child is a girl, boys have princess sheets and pink blankets.

Adam is just a little silly sweetheart of a baby. These days he is toddling all around the house. It is often noted that he is bowlegged and seems to walk just like dear ol' Dad and Grandpa Tom! He babbles constantly and gets very mad when he doesn't get his way. He says Ma Ma and Da Da very clearly, but I can't say for sure that he has any other words. He understands a lot though.

These days what I am enjoying most about his babyhood is seeing his face smile and show those 6 teeth, and I love to watch him walk down our hallway into the kid bedroom to wake up Frannie. I always enjoy the tickles and the legs that are only 15 inches (or so) long.

Things you are doing:
Play with balls. Go fetch. Rolling. Bouncing. Throwing.
Chasing box-elder bugs and picking them up.
Playing w/ your Little People race-car set.
Eating a constant stream of Cheerios and cheese pieces.
Holding your doggy or teddy bear to go to sleep.
Rocking side to side, side to side, excitedly when you wake from sleep and I'm coming to get you.
Getting up on Mom and Dad's bed and buring your face into the pillows and blankets. This is fun! Especially when I grab your ankles and drag you across the bed and flip you over to tickle your stomach.
Anything that involves pouring water and splashing is good. There is a lot of nakey wading pool time this summer.
You've learned the rule of "Anything Sister has I want."
You and Frannie play together more but you also get into each other's space more and have more crying episodes. (I prefer it this way though. I like that you play together more and more.)
I know I said this already, but you bury your face a lot and it is very cute. You like soft things so you bury your face into the cat's fur and lay on her. You also do this to the stuffed doggy. You bury your face into my chest or shoulder when you are sleepy. You bury your face and then lay on your tummy all smiley when you are very excited in general. It's kind of a "play with me" or "tickle me" posture.

There is so much fun to being your mom. You are full of cuddles and laughter and babbling. I like to make you laugh and smile so I'm always doing silly things for you like chasing you and playing "BOO!". Yesterday we played hide and seek. You laughed so hard everytime you found me. I know Frannie loves to play with you too. We all call you JJ all the time. It is confusing to relatives, but it makes sense to us.

You are a doll baby and so much fun to love-up everyday. My sweet wonderful baby boy!

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