Thursday, July 17, 2008

Huh? Gymnastics?

Jason has been watching the Olympic trials non-stop when he gets home from work. This evening he was watching gymnastics with Adam and Frannie and she asked "Dad, what's that?" He told her "gymnastics". She says "Gymnastics!!" all excited and proceeds to somersault all over the living room floor (and bonks her head on the entertainment center). So now she wants to learn gymnastics. This isn't part of the plan!


Amy said...

Come on down to scats summer camp with us! :D

I wanted to go the ballet route with Kami since that's what I did for 5-6 years and loved it, but she is my climber and rambunctious one who NEEDS to spring about in a gym. lol

Hauteroxx said...

Gymnastics will help her with her ballet and dancing:)

Jamie said...

I guess...I wasn't counting on having to be flexible with the MasterPlan! :P