Monday, July 7, 2008

More reasons why I love our street:

In addition to the iguanas and belly dancing parties, there is a lot of fun to be had here on Scarlet Oak.

1. I've got cool neighbors. Most of my neighbors are Muslim which makes for an interesting cultural learning experience. The family across the street is Egyptian. Next to them are two families, one from Lebanon, one Pakistan. There is another family next to them from who knows where. And then another one from who knows where. I'm sure I'll ask soon enough. But there are kids kids kids everywhere which makes for lots of entertainment for Frannie and Adam. The kids across the street come over almost everyday and hang out in our garage. Frannie especially likes 4 year old Omar. His big sister Reem (age 11) comes over a lot too. Jason happens to be extremely popular with all of the kids (all boys except for Reem and Frannie) because he fixes their bikes. I keep teasing him that he's the "cool guy" on the street.

2. Cool neighbors cont... Our other neighbor two doors down is deaf but she reads lips perfectly. It's amazing. Her name is Toni and she is married with two highschool aged boys. She drives around in her huge black Hummer and always stops to say hi and stuff. I can have these really long conversations with her and she just keeps reading my lips. She's taught me a few signs. All of the colors so I can teach Frannie and of course the bad words because darnit they're so fun.

3. Wendy's is on the corner. A few days ago I was watching my girlfriend's daughter Miriam and I took the kids for a walk to Wendy's for a Frosty.

4. Albertson's is across the street from Wendy's. This afternoon I was trying to figure out what to make for dinner and I decided I wanted to make burritos. Well I had everything I needed except the tortillas. So into the double stroller go the kids and it is a short walk to Albertson's to get what I need. Convenience!

5. There are nice neighborhoods to go walking in. Since our street borders Claremont there are none of the "seedy neighbors" worries that you sometimes get in other areas. That doesn't mean I don't have to exercise normal caution, but it feels safe around here and that's a good thing.


Lauren S. said...

he he. jamie learning the bad words in sign language.

Anonymous said...

NO, the seedy neighbors are down on Grove.


The Postl's said...

Wow that's awesome! My neighbors don't even say hi! I took them all christmas goodies the first year that we lived in our home, and nobody would answer there door! It must be really nice to have friends so close by. Hope all is going well - Natalie

Jamie said...

Lauren- yeah I found out about the bad words the hard way. I was trying to form the letter P and apparently I was really signing "-sshole". She burst out laughing. Nice.

Rockey- AWESOME BLOG DUDE! Yeah you know eventually you'll shimmy your way a bit north and it'll be swell.

Natalie- I seriously can't believe that. Who is so lame as to not slobber over Christmas goodies??? You can bring some to my house anytime!! he he