Sunday, December 30, 2007

Babies, Babies, Babies

Just this evening I got the kind of call that really warms my heart. A dad from my class called to let me know that he and his wife had just had their baby girl. He was so excited and delighted on the phone and it just makes me so happy to hear how joyful this new father is about his new baby and his wife's birth. I just love that phone call.

I always love getting the calls of the new babies that are born, and I love getting the picture updates and just sharing their joy. It makes me happy to know that the things they learned in class they feel helped them so that they could make good decisions for themselves.

Not everyone has a natural birth, but it surprises me that many do. But even the ones that don't still feel like they learned a lot and were able to feel confident with their choices. That's what it's all about, and I feel so much joy for all my moms and dads!

I am excited about this coming month because I have been invited to attend two births. This is new for me. I have only attended my own births! One couple from class approached me and asked if I would doula for them. I explained that I'm not really a doula, but to think of me more as a very-educated-about-birth friend. I also explained that I can't be away from my baby for more than 10 hours and they understand and are ok with that. We'll see what happens with this couple. She really isn't comfortable with her doctor or birthing environment at all, and I've explained to her that I can't guarantee anything. I really can't ensure that she won't have a c-section or anything else. I just don't have that power. All I can do for her and her husband is support them and be a sounding board and encourage her as she labors. Maybe do some massage or help in any other way. But I can't make decisions for them. I'm hopeful for this couple though. They are sweet people. I just hope they aren't disappointed in me!

The other gal whose birth I'm supposed to attend will be birthing with Lori at the birth center. She didn't really invite me. I more asked her if I could come! Anyways, she said that would be fine and I'm going to take pictures for her. I talked to Lori about this because I really wanted to be present at a birth in a low-stress situation before I start embarking on these more stressful hospital births. And since I don't have experience helping at births, I was hoping to "get my feet wet" with a birth that I know will go smoothly.

Anyways, I'm excited about this, and hopeful that I can be of some help.

On other birth news: Last month I got to attend a taping of Ricki Lakes' The Business of Being Born. It was an absolutely fantastic film that says all of the things I try and explain to people, but feel so inept when I try. It also made me feel happy because it portrayed a lot of midwife-attended home births. As I saw these ladies birthing it reminded me so much of my births and it filled me with joy to see "my story" on the big screen. The one part where the midwife herself is having a baby and she titles her video "Midwife Begs for Cesarean" really had me cracking up. Because yes, it hurt so bad, but it was and continues to be such a source of joy in my life. The joy WAY outweighs the pain!

I am hopeful that 2008 brings me more opportunities to work with couples and help educate them about the birth process. I love to hear that happy phone call!

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Barbara Harper said...

Hi Jaime,
I would definitely encourage you to keep teaching and going to births. You never know when your words of wisdom will lodge in some woman's brain and she'll hear your voice during her labor. You have been given a gift and your rewards come in many different ways.
Ask your son if he wants some cheese and crackers to go with his "whine?" That's what I always said to my two water baby boys - now 23 and 21!!
Email me your new address so I can keep you up to date on Waterbirth International
Have a wonderful New Year!!
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