Thursday, December 20, 2007

My little Fran

My little Fran is almost 3 and lately she is so darn cute that I want to wrap her up and keep her this way forever. This is the time that I need to pop out that video camera because one day she won't be my tiny little girl anymore and I just need to remember how she is at this age.

First of all, she is SO talkative. And expressive. She has a facial expression for almost everything she says. It is almost impossible to describe it, I need to get it on video!

Here are some commonly heard phrases in my home:
"That's kind of silly"
"Daaaddy, gotta go peeee peee" (said from behind her bedroom door)
Indignant groan and shaking of head like "Oh, what are you doing?"
Dah! D dd dah! D dd Dah! (as she dances and prances on her bed with knees high and arms in the air)
Heavenly father, thank you for the family (This is her saying grace at dinnertime.)

These days she is copying me quite a bit and she'll point her finger at me and sternly tell me to "Listen! You have to listen to Frannie!" This always makes me laugh.

The one that really had me rolling the other morning was when she came into the dining area all disheveled and proclaimed "I'm the fairest one of all!" in her wicked witch voice.

It's just always something new with her. She's so funny and surprising with what she remembers and picks up. It amazes me.

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