Friday, December 21, 2007

Jack Whiner

I think I should rename my son Jack Whiner. Jack for the constant jumping and Whiner for, well, all the whining. This kid complain, complain, complains all of the time whenever I try to set him down. In the car...WHAAAA! WHAAAA! WHAAAA! At home....Eh! Eh! Eh! EHHHH! The only time he's really happy is when I am sitting down and he is standing on my legs jumpy jumpy jump jump jumping. Then he's my happy guy. That's when I call him Jack. The rest of the time he's Whiner.

So what does this mean for me? It means my right arm is getting really strong from carrying him around all the time. And I can do an amazing amount of things with my left hand/arm, including but not limited to, getting Frannie up onto a public restroom potty while holding Adam in one of those dinky stalls.

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