Monday, February 15, 2010

The Cake

When Frannie came to me a month ago with a Wilton's pamphlet showing various sample cakes, and pointed to a certain one declaring that was the cake she wanted for her birthday, I politely told her, "That cake is too complicated for mom."

Frannie, not to be dissuade, went to Grandma Bobbie instead.

That cake was not too complicated for Grandma.

After purchasing several supplies: a cake leveler, frosting comb, circle boards, turning table, and the right tips, Grandma Bobbie set out to make the birthday cake to end all birthday cakes for her special girl.

And here it is.


Iris said...

Looks like a million bucks! Wow. I am impressed.

Shannon said...

Wowee - that is a FANCY birthday cake! Looks good!

Yara said...

Wow- that is one beautiful cake!
Grandma Bobbie rocks!
Can Grandma Bobbie teach me how to use those tips?

Jamie said...

Yara- I'm sure she could.