Sunday, February 21, 2010

The Girl

Well, my darlin', I've broken your birthday post into several sections because I realized that I would never post anything if I had to get it all out at once.

Last Tuesday you turned 5 years old. This was a big one for me. I wrote a little Facebook update about how I feel like I've gotten a new badge on my "mom-scout" jacket. It's true! Maybe it's the "mom of a school-aged child" badge.

As for you, I know you are super happy about being five years old! This year I have seen your increasing independence. You can't wait to start school partly because you can't wait to be dropped off somewhere without me. You have a fun personality and make friends so easily.

Skill-wise you can read just a little bit, and enjoy writing upper-case letters. You are trying to spell by sounding out words. Most of the time what you end up writing is just a line of letters. I'm happy about your progress though because I can see that you are learning even though I stopped actively teaching you. It seems that it is just sort of clicking bit by bit.

Oh, let's see what else? You don't like ballet class. I can't believe it, but you actually much preferred the other City of La Verne class where all I thought you did was stand in line the whole time waiting for a turn to do a few kicks across the floor. According to you, there was a lot more "dancing" in that class. Really? Is it because you got to change into tap shoes too? So, this class, this REAL ballet class where you prance like a horse and get to flutter your arms like a butterfly isn't really dancing to you, but the class where you got to hold your arms "like a pizza" is. I don't get it. Partly I think you like the other class better because it was earlier in the day (not cold and dark outside) and the waiting in line meant there was more opportunity for socializing and comparing leotards and skirts.

Size-wise you continue to be a petite girl. You and Adam are about the same weight. I think you are two pounds heavier than he is. Are you 34 pounds?? I know that being on the short side bothers you. You sometimes ask me how come all the kids are bigger than you are. I know when you go to school you will meet other five year olds who are petite too. It is interesting because you are pretty mature and prefer to play with children who are your same age or older than you are, but that means that you are very often the smallest one in the bunch. You are very healthy though and almost never get sick (knock on wood). You still have a picky-ish diet but that is slowly changing.

Happy Birthday my darling girl!! I love you so so so so much and I love being your MOM!


Iris said...

Beautiful :) I love that you write these. I want to do them too. <3

Lauren S. said...

We love Frannie!!!