Thursday, February 18, 2010

The Gathering

On Sunday the family came by to have The Cake (and also some hamburgers) and sing Frannie her Happy Birthday song. I also invited the Tomt's and neighbor Omar from across the street.

This was good. It wasn't a party. A stressful busy, freak out about every detail party. I only had a few minor freak out prep moments because general gatherings do that to me anyways. There were enough people and kids to make it feel special.

As far as Frannie is concerned anytime ANYONE comes over be it a grandma, grandpa, auntie, cousin, friend or neighbor, it's always a time to celebrate. And of course, anytime a few kids are in the same room together they make it a party for themselves. Here they are playing a silly game that they made up at the table.

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Iris said...

Really cute picture! :) Happy Birthday Frannie!