Sunday, February 28, 2010

Life from Frannie's Point of View

My last post was about a hectic day. Well as I was trying to make lunch and Adam was crying and the baby was hanging off of my legs, Frannie came to me with Jason's camera and asked if she could take some pictures. "Sure, yeah, fine." Like I am going to argue when at least one kid has found a way to keep herself busy? Anyways, as I loaded the SD card I did a slideshow and saw all of the pictures she took. It totally cracked me up! Here is a bit of life from her point of view:

And don't forget the Thumb's Up pic I already posted.


Iris said...

These are great! Send them to shuttefly, have them printed and framed, put them in her room ;) or in the house.

Therese said...

These are so funny. When Sarah has the camera its the same thing- lots of pictures of toys and kid-sized surroundings! LOL